Sunday, June 24, 2012

These Things I Will Never Have

Hey whoever-you-are-who's-reading-my-blog (thank you, by the way) !
I feel a bit guilty for not updating my blog in such a long time sooo... I'll tell you these things, that, you know, I have the feeling I will never have. And when I say write never have, I of course mean things I will never have until I'm super-rich, in a few years. You wait and see.

 1. Super expensive high-fashion clothes. The clothes you see on the runway, but that you will very less likely see on the street. By that I mean Dolce and Gabanna, Alexander Mcqueen, et cetera.

2. Super expensive-supposed-to-be-less-expensive clothes (like spin-offs of the brands above). Well, they sometimes may be more wearable but I don't feel that they're less expensive. See by Chloé ? Still expensive. MCQ ? Still expensive. D&G ? Still expensive ! And so on. I'm almost sure these clothes are bought by the same rich or credit-card and customer-account addicted (Confessions of a Shopahollic anyone ?) people. And one day I'll one of these people. I guarantee it. Let's just pray I'm the rich kind.

3. A horse. I love horse-riding, but I had to stop because of some stupid allergies. I always wanted to have a horse or a pony. a few years ago, I even begged my parents, it was one of my biggest dreams, always on the top of my wish-list. I even figured that we could put it in my garden (don't laugh. It's pretty big for a garden in a city) and that my dad could build him a box. Oh, future pony of my dreams, I miss you so much. I'm coming back for you, Butterscotch

4. Super-powers. Again one thing I've been dreaming of since I was a litlle girl (do you have this song playing in you head too ?). So far, I've been convinced that I would someday discover that I was a fairy/a witch/bound to a dragon/some paranormal girl/Athena's daughter or descendant since I see my mom everyday/a surnatural person that I don't remember.

 5. A gold and precious stones Monopoly. Not because I want to play on it, I love cardboard too much, but because I bet i would look cool on my fourth living-room table. And also because it would force my super-rich-too guests to stop babbling about boring politics. I mean, who refuses to play on a 23-karat gold board with a diamond-incrusted dice ? That's right. No one.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Red

New Year's Red

I know. It isn't New Year's Eve yet. Whatever.
So here is an outfit, as you can see mostly red and cream. It's quite simple, but I added the Alexander McQueen skull ring which is a really strong accessory.
I suggested the half moon mani, the red glitter nail polish (Gettin' Miss Piggy with It from the OPI Muppet's Show Collection. There are a few stocks left in the stores, so hurry !) as the half moon.
What do you think ?

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Daily Routine

Ever heard of a beauty routine ? It's the secret to an almost perfect skin.
No, in fact the real not-so-secret secret is to sleep well and drink alot (at least eight glasses of water per day). Besides, you also need to wash your face daily, even if you did'nt wear any makeup, to eliminate the dirt, pollution and perspiration you acumulated during the day, and moisturize.
So. Where were we ? Oh. Yes. Beauty routine. Here is a basic, efficient and fast skin care routine.

Morning : 1. Wake up : In your bed, stretch like a cat, then spray your face with... a mineral water facial spray ! It will moisturize your skin and wake you up ! Keep one beside your bed.
Natalie Dee
2. Drink a tall glass of water.
3. Shower (if you shower in the morning, of course. A morning shower will wake you up).
4. Splash your face with the coldest water you can afford. Pat dry.
5. Moisturize with a moisturizing lotion with SPF 15 (yes, even in winter !) and massage the lotion into your skin until complete penetration. This will give your skin a healthy glow.  

Evening : 1. Shower (if you shower in the evening. An evening shower will relax you).
2. Cleanse your face (if you skip this step, you might break out !) (if your cleanser needs to be rinsed, do it in your shower !).
3. Use a toning lotion (or cold water).
4. Moisturize with a richer face cream (no SPF needed in your bed).
5. Pat your eye cream all around your eye.
7. Sleep well !
Note : Dont forget to always use products adapted to your skin type.

Voilà ! This is it !
And don't forget to comment, please !

The Style Craving

I know. We usually crave french fries, candy or ice cream and I do for the last two ones, but I named my blog The Style Craving because I also crave style. And mostly because I couldn't find a better name.

So. This blog will be about fashion, beauty, and other interesting (for me at least) things.
I'm not used to write in English (this blog is also a way to practice) so if I say things that don't make any sense or invent words (actually I do it in French too), please tell me !